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Service quality of a company is a crucial value.

Our goal is to attract new customers as well as keep those you already have. They are the most valuable asset of a company, but often by lack of time or resources, effort devoted to other departments don't move to areas that require dealing with the public.

AdviseMe offers advice to companies and establishments to improve the image they convey. This includes the attitude of customer contact, provision of space, or contact care after a purchase, all key elements to reinforce their brand values​​.

Efficient public service - a fair deal need not necessarily to be rigid - can make us stand out in our sector, which will result in an increase of our identity. Taking care of everything to the last detail is what allows us to stand out from our competition.

How do we work

We work with our clients to identify areas we need to empower and establish an action plan. We define goals following directions and locating problems often not seen. We advise staff on how to serve the public with the utmost courtesy - and according to its corporate philosophy - how to identify and anticipate their demands. We train employees to be proactive professionals, knowledgeable and committed to become an added value of your company. We show new ways of organizing the warehouse stores to operate more efficiently. We loan extra support in times of overload. Suggest retention strategies.

In AdviseMe we are also aware of difficulties that a professional have on relocation on a new city. We help you settle into your new home and assist you on any needs. AdviseMe is at your side to make your arrival more comfortable in your new place of residence.

After completing the assignments, we follow our work to consolidate implemented improvements. Our proposals are accurate, honest, positive and personalized, and help you reach your goals.

We help you optimize the organization of your store.

Advise staff on organization.

We offer support for sales campaigns.

We advise on the best way to behave in public.

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