Mercedes reúne las cualidades idóneas para desarrollar un proyecto de imagen empresarial y personal.José Cusí. Trabajar con Mercedes has sido un experiencia de lo más profesional. Mi enriquecedora y placentera. No tiene precio poder contar con ella para mis proyectos y ver sueños convertirse en realidad. Siempre dispuesta y pensando un paso más allá.Gordana Vranjes, Fundadora de Mandiram Yoga. El trabajo de Mercedes es muy nuevo, como todo lo que ella ha hecho en su vida. Siempre ha ido un paso por delante.Juan Antonio Samaranch. La inteligencia, eficiencia y seriedad de Mercedes Albert avalan sin la menor duda su capacidad y solvencia para asumir proyectos y responsabilidades.Leopoldo Rodés. El mundo está cambiando y Mercedes cuida en tu empresa que la atención a tu cliente sea excepcional.Artur Carulla.

"Every person and organization has hallmarks that make them unique and perceived through each of their actions".

Mercedes Albert

For over fifteen years I have been director of Giorgio Armani and fine jewelry firm Pomellato. All experience gained in these big companies and the customers continued treatment, who place the utmost confidence in me, has led me to detect in recent times the emergence of new needs. We live in an increasingly competitive world, where every gesture speaks of us and often, the line separating the private sphere of the professional is blurred.

Demands of work and commitments may not lead us to everything. The image broadcasting plays a key role in developing our individual or our company. Trust AdviseMe, we'll be pleased to help you achieve more goals.

If we efficiently manage our field staff, we will enjoy more free time and, in return, cause the best impression. Regarding your business, not only has to work perfectly, but it must also be reflected in how you approach your clients.

AdviseMe was born to help with those aspects of your life that are particularly complex, or those who simply you can't devote time. We'll guide you in those domestic issues that generate doubts.

We advise companies on how to translate brand values​​, attitude of their employees and offer personalized assistance to executives who require it.

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